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What are daily horoscopes and how serious they are? I have different and rational view to all esoteric and astrological things. There is no proof at everything is right or it's lie. People choose what to believe on their own. Some people believe in god, some believe in nature, some in angels or demons or in stars. It's their own life, their own choice. My view and opinion to astrology, numerology, zodiac signs, planets, lifepaths or partner compatibility is simple: I'm curious about everything and i take it as my hobby. For example when I read daily horoscopes, I don't must take it as fact or a constant, but it helps me to think in advice, to plan or to think where can I be careful that day. Astrological facts or information about some zodiac signs helps me to imagine some human skills, remember people I know and compare they to each other. For example my friend is Aries and his girlfriend is Leo. They fits to each other by astrological facts and in real they are pretty good pair. So, this fact let me thing that there's here a point. Then I'm more curious about it and i go deeper to analysis. I check what planet rule Aries and what planet rule Leo. I check that both of them belongs to fire element, i check their lucky numbers, colors, strong and weak character sides and then I can take a desision do they fit to each other or not. This is called spiritual life, esoteric things, there are lot of meanings, details and theories. Best way to be improve astrological skills is when you ar focused and have inspiration for that. It's not a fashion and not a mainstream things, it is just for your own. In this page I'm sharing my collected information, facts and experience. Please enjoy and be part of my community!