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Leo Leo Horoscope (SexScopes)
Monday, April 23rd, 2018

A stern mars-saturn conjunction in capricorn isn’t really compatible with your grand style of living and generous leo spirit. Nevertheless, you have a will of iron and can turn what you thought would be a boring or uninteresting date into a playful interlude that perhaps leads to deep passion. Since physical beauty is a huge attraction in luring you in, bring along your bag of oils and perfumes that stoke the senses (and be sure to throw in your leather lingerie). It will be good to remember that, above all, it’s your sincere generosity that will win his or her heart. On april 15, a new moon in aries tints the scenario with a rosy haze, and you can both almost feel the approach of a fairytale ending. You love the big jackpot, and you play your cards right this month. When the sun enters taurus on the nineteenth, you hear those familiar bells and whistles, and this time it’s most likely in the bedroom. On april 29, a full moon in scorpio and your fifth house of gambling finds you lucky in love and money, and this month promises more than you need of both.

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